I just know you’re a diamond.
Life showed you at a young age, you’ve already
Been through pressure and that’s rough…

You’re a treasure it’s been a pleasure to call you
My little sister, I didn’t think life was worth living
Until I realised I wanna live for you

I don’t wanna die young so I’m trying to get healthy
By fighting my addiction in addition
I wanna be there for every experience as you mature

I hope you know how much I love you,
I may not always call but you’re always in my thoughts and prayers,
I wish I could bring your mom back
It hurts to think that she won’t be physically there for you

You’re a planted seed that’s growing into a beautiful daisy,
Daily I want the best for you…you’re your mom’s best design,
And it’s by design or should I say destiny that you chase your dreams

I won’t let you live without purpose.
You pose a threat to the enemy,
Not to put you on a pedestal or add to the pressure
But you’re a Goddess