I think you’re so cool
You dress so smart
You have flashy cars
And have the latest shoes.

Dear Mr. Gangster
I wanna be just like you
What I got to do to be just like you?
With those flashy shoes.

Dear young boy
I see you’ve got no food
Your clothes are all in tatters
And you’ve got broken shoes
How about I get you a pair?
Will you take it there?

Yes please, Mr. Gangster
I really wanna wear.

Just remember
To fetch your number
Then it will all be yours.

What you mean a number?
Is this a secret code?

It’s a number
Forever your number
That you’ll take with you asunder.

What you mean by that?

I mean it will be yours forever
Until you become a bat.

A bat? A bat?
Why a bat?
What do you mean by that?

It means
You’ll spend your days about the streets
And in the night you’ll chat.

But what if I wanna leave?
But what if turn my back?

There’s no turning back my friend
You’ll be like this
Until the end.

Oh no! Oh no!
What have I done?
Already 3 lie flat.

It’s too late to make a change, young boy!
Your deeds are already done!

I didn’t mean to use the gun
It happened all too soon.

It’s too late
This is your fate
Now you are my mate!
So now that you are one of us
Just remember your call
You’ll have to prove your keep
And have to stand up tall.

For if you do not earn your keep
BE certain that you’ll fall
This is no game!
You can’t be too afraid!
It’s already too late!

But what about my future?
What about my life?

You gave it up, you idiot
When you stabbed her with you knife!
It’s already all to late!!!

I should’ve listened to my teacher!
I should’ve listened to my preacher!

Yes you should have listened back then
But now you’ll obey your leader!

So off you go
Enjoy the show
Be sure to enjoy the race
Just remember never to cross me
Or you’ll end up in the lake
You’ll do as I say
You’ll do as I please
You’ll lose your humanity
You’re forever mine
You nute
Follow orders
Else you’ll die!

The world’s a mystery
It’s full of trickery
Be sure to play the game
Make sure you enjoy it
While you are at it
Else you’ll end up dead in the hay.