Dear Media
Why do you scrutinise our joy?
You play us as toy,
You press our like button
With tears of insecurities with no maturity.

Dear Media,
You prey on our agendas,
While we mislead you with ironic words,
You think you stab us,
But your hand owns no swords.

Dear Media,
I am a sniper,
My heart is microscope;
It sees you before you see me.
I shoot with lines and I whisper
Rough words in heart
Which no one can put
In captivity but reality.

Dear Media,
I ask stalkers to stalk,
Till red shed of tears tear them apart.
I am sorry as human,
On planet earth I play my part.

I don’t want to love anybody,
But only heart.
I don’t want to see you,
I want to see heart.
I don’t want to reminisce you,
But only heart.