You had to do it all by yourself
Raise three kids all by yourself
You had to be the father
You had to be the mother

How did you do it all by yourself
There was always food on top of the table
Never went to bed on an empty stomach
But mama you didn’t work

I always wanted this and that
You got me everything I wanted
I didn’t know where daddy was
Always wondered were he was

But never dared to ask you
‘Cause you had a lot on your plate
Didn’t want to add to your sorrow
Mama, even though I was small

I can always recall
The pain in your face
You would stare in empty space
And wonder off to another place

When brother left to become a man
Mama, weren’t you tired
I would understand
After all you are only human

I pray that the Almighty keep you
I pray that the man upstairs hears my cry
I will make you proud, mama
Just wait and see, mama

Better days are ahead of us
Did you know you are my superhero
Did you know I am your biggest fan
You did it all by yourself
And for that I am thankful