You are the beauty that my eyes
Never spend a day without admiring
You are the maker of my memories
That a day never goes to sleep without
Thinking about you

You are the music that keeps on
Dancing in my heart
For living without you in my life, is like living in a desert
Abandoned by trees

You are the lyrics to my language
That beautifies my mouth with your love
Though I may be younger in my numbers
That does not mean my love for you
Is also measured in numbers
Like maths, it is genuine like God’s love

Though we are far away from each
Other like the Earth and Pluto
That cannot make my love for you
To melt down like an iceberg
It is connected to you like Wi-Fi

Though I tried running away
From your presence, still, my heart
Keeps on jumping on your jumping castle
Joyfully for you are a part of God’s plan for my life