Did you really have to come this early
Why couldn’t you wait until
After I turned eighteen
After I was independent

I thought you were going to
Bring joy and happiness into the house
But you brought the exact opposite
Ignorance, hatred and pain

All the attention is given to you
The sweets and coins that were mine
Are now all given to you
Not even a single thing for me

And it hurts deep down
But then nobody cares
Nobody really does
I try to smile but then it hurts

The seat that used to be mine
Now belongs to you
I used to be cute in everyone’s eyes
But now it seems like I’m invisible

Why did you have to come so early
Why did you have to come
And take my place
I wish you came after I was eighteen
Then I would be ready to have you
To cherish your existence

But life doesn’t go as expected
After all there’s nothing
I can do or say
To make things go back
To the way they were