I’m broken, I know it’s only you who can heal me.
I’ve run out of power, I’m too stubborn nowadays.
I’ve become deaf, listening drove me in the wrong directions.
I was too sweet, then people ate my kind heart.

Day and night my tears fall, I don’t know whether I regret.
I’ve tried, with all the pieces of life, to do better.
I’ve run out of differentiation, good looks like bad.
Beautiful now becomes ugly, smart becomes stupid.

I hope you hear my worries, strengthen my spirit.
Forgive me for my wrongs, if this is punishment, I’m sorry.
There is no one on my priority list, excluding you.
Make me better, I will work free for you, for a lifetime.

I have heart and the rent is free, it feels cold.
It has been hurt but it abolished hate.
I live for love, but know no one values it.
I’m bored of feeling lonely, as I’m too soon aging.

I hope I’m not asking too much of you.
I never want to bother, please wipe off my tears.
I want a family, not to be part of my biological family.
I want someone to be part of my life, amen.