Dearest Friend

I love you to the core of my heart
When we are together nothing can tear us apart
Your footprints are all over my heart
You’ve built a house with so much trust

I never plan to leave you
Even if the universe tries to separate us
I’ll try by all means to stay with you

I never understood love until you arrived
You weren’t late, you were right on time
Tell me what I did to deserve someone like you
Am I special or is it ‘cause I’m a nice dude?

This ain’t a love letter don’t get me wrong
I just wrote this so we can get along
The world is a free place
Do you mind exploring it with me?

I can see that smile on your face
Even if you cried I’d still see it on your face

Yeah we are friends but I’m in love with you
Relationships are too fragile, so let’s just vibe
Let’s vibe until my heart gets used to you
Let’s vibe until my soul can only feel you

I don’t ask for much
As our bond already does much:
Love, commitment and trust
Very important but still not enough

Come over let’s do what friends do
Laugh, play, anything you want to do

I so wish to be with you every day
But I’m here for you anyway
I have your back, you have mine
So let’s keep that on the plate

As friends we’ve still got a lot to do
But patience is a virtue
For now let’s keep track of each other
Do you and Imma do me

You are my friend

From Your One And Only Bestie.