I’m tormented by loneliness.
If only God would bless me with someone
To walk to down the aisle-
My soulmate;
I believe in marriage.

I’m deeply concerned:
The winter is approaching,
I still haven’t found him.
When I go to bed at night,
I can’t lie,
The loneliness awaits me;
The emptiness itself is as big as the FNB Stadium.
This bed is too big for me alone.
My soulmate,
I’m here alone, sleeping,
Thinking of you,
Imagining you making love to me-
Something I have been longing for.
You are the master of my sleepless nights.
Reveal yourself!

I don’t mind the colour of your skin,
It really doesn’t matter.
The passion, the love we share – that matters.
When your love is sweeter than gold,
When your love is sweeter than diamonds,
Nothing else matters.
Still I wait-
Till death do us part.