On the day you wronged my heart
And changed the keys to yours,
It felt like I had trespassed
On a killer bee’s territory.

I had no choice but to be
A knight for the night
Darkness shone blurry
As the night grew older.
Your love melted like ice
Soon as your dreams came true

Your world changed faster
Than a Hawk’s blink:
Your heart lacked Patience
As I stumbled baby steps to mine.
Somehow you became
A sparkling, eye-catching shooting star

No doubt it was easy for any uptown boy
To love you better than I ever did.
I’d like to think of myself as the moon
That moves slowly
But crosses the sky at daybreak,
Hard to notice
Although it shines brighter
Than all the stars combined.

You changed the frame next to your bedside
I guess the picture had to change as well.
A thin line between love and hate
Somehow I must have pulled the strings too much
It’s no wonder you are no longer fond of me.

You taught me intimacy
Soon as I passed with flying colours
You showed no mercy and
Decided teaching wasn’t for you.

Today we are just another used-to-be
And it is me you no longer love too.