Who are you?
I can’t recognise you anymore
Who tore your image?
And spoiled your inside
Dear child, have you forgotten me?

This is not my master piece
An abomination
To my creation
There is no trace of me within you
Ask for my grace to run this race

My faith never failed me
Though fear tore me down
My heart so weary
And my palms sweaty
The Lord sayeth be of good cheer, Child

Dear child. I breathed life in your nostrils
Healed you from sickness
My strength in place of your weakness
I placed you in perfect peace
Though red as crimson I washed your sins
As white as snow you are worthy
To bow before me now

I preached the good news
A teacher of the holy book
I was tortured for your sake
Bore the pain you couldn’t take
Nailed at the cross

I am Jesus Christ your Lord
And personal saviour
The bread of life
Light of the world
King of kings

The gate
Your friend
Son of God
The Messiah
Resurrection and life

The way, the truth and the life
True vine
Your redeemer
Prince of peace

Oh Dear child, have you forgotten me?