Our road has reached the end.
Down memory lane, lies nothing but relative memories.
According to you, they’re the sweetest
According to me, it’s the opposite.

You claim I was always by your side,
Trust me on this, I was never your friend.
I mastered praying while praying for your downfall.
Call it enviousness, I don’t care.

For every best thing I wished for you,
I wished much better for myself.
For whatever more you wanted,
I got thrilled when you got the worst version of it.

Like a hungry stomach,
My jealousy is constantly trying to kill me,
until I feed it another hope you will fail.
Afterall, your failure is my success.

When I say I wish the best for you,
It is the worst thing one could imagine
Yet you still keep winning,
And that kills me.

My advices are nothing,
But a carefully crafted map to your failure.
Because of me, you continue to shine.
That’s why I’m leaving you,
So we can both lose.