As I am writing, my heart is itching,
My eyes are glassed full of tears

I am living a fake life making myself strong!

Baby, daddy is hurt, not well.
Every day of my life I imagine you calling me
“Daddy I miss you, daddy I want a cake,
Daddy Danones and mostly Daddy I love you!”

Daddy’s Angel, why did you leave me very early?
Why did you make me cry?

I wish I saw you, I wish I held you.
I wish I had someone to live for. My little Naledi.

So it was March 2015, when I was expecting you,
I couldn’t sleep, waiting for a text from your mom,
Or even a phone call, and in the morning
I received a text “it’s a girl” and I was so so excited.

Next day was ready to come to the hospital and see you,
But unfortunately your grandmother and your uncle
Came to my home to inform me that you are no more.

Honestly I broke down and questioned God
With lot of questions, which I’m not proud of,
If anyone said repeat those questions, I swear I wouldn’t!

I know uyidloz elihle lapho ukhona, you’re with,
I will forever love you! And will forever imagine us together.
I so wish I could die and meet you!

I love you, baby Naledi