Free your mind
You are not as the environment depicts you
Your surroundings are result of broken ideas
And miscommunications which have shaped you
To be what you appear to be
Lift your spirit to its highest level
Never allow anything to have power over
How you feel about yourself
You’re fierce like that
Water your soul constantly
Even if it means dipping yourself into the ocean

Your passions are your salvation
Exaggerate the part of you
That you love most about yourself,
The part that you know is flawless
Take negativity as a chance to reflect
And carve yourself into a piece of machinery
The best artworks are those carved with hands
And an over-abundance of love
Treat yourself as such

Respect yourself enough to walk away
From those who fail to see you in your true light
Be gracious enough to walk away
From those who do not value your opinion
Many people will acknowledge your greatness
But that does not mean anything
Until you recognise and embrace it
Love you so much that thorns fear you
And roses idolise you
Realise that there is no other you in the world
And nobody knows what’s best for you better than you
It is only you that holds the formula to your life
Be prepared to battle strangers
And those close to your heart for your ideals
If it has the power to change your life
You do it and you never look the opposite way
Love passionately
Live boldly and transcend into the afterlife with no regrets