I just hate kids that call their fathers in front of me.
Every day I see a child hugging their father I just dry my tears.
Sometimes I disrespect men because I think they are like you,
I don’t know what I have done to be left like a tiny snake,

I don’t want your money I just need your love.
I think you flew away the day I was born like a dove,
I’m not going to be your burden even if you think of coming back.
I don’t want to be in your life, I just want to see your face.
Some people tell me that we are alike but I don’t know if it’s truth or myth.

I just saw you in your picture but I don’t know if that is really you.
The problem is my mother doesn’t have to go to the graveyard to cry
For she just looks at your picture.
I tried to tear it like you did our hearts.

Sometimes they ask me who is my role model,
I just say it’s you because you taught me to never abandon my children.
You should have taken your time to see an ox growing.
I don’t know if I’m not the one who made you run,
That’s why I’m not judging you.
If you are dead just come to my dreams and answer me