A dream waiting to be achieved
A goal waiting to be reached
A success waiting to be obtained
From still waters that ran deep
To dark seas that sank ships
I’m a low life with high thoughts
A new window for old opportunities
My country’s cries fall on deaf ears
The money disabled our leaders
My country remains in the dark ages
Those in power have cut our power supply
My people cannot connect
They fear that their lines are all tapped
They now know of the political trap
Some attend the school of thought
Some spend 8 hours in the political trap
Some opportunities only come once
It’s all a game until you lose your life
Our main focus is getting airtime
We’re no longer interested in talk time
Corporate thieves busy stealing time
Minding deadlines forgot the lifeline
To some it’s all about the good time
Sadly we lose time we didn’t spend
In life you cannot save time
Everything leads to one deadline.