Quick, pause,
Interconnected thoughts,
Whenever I court.

I met a girl at 11 o’clock,
Such a beauty I have in my life I’ve always sought, now I’ve got
In my arms, decided to throw a kiss to stop all the tears,
Innocent kid, fooling her knowing she can’t resist the appeal

Sexual fears – should I take her through the birds and the bees,
Talk a good one but knowing I might not back it up like my peers,
It’s surreal, how I’d feel if someone else used my bluff,
Shades of kinky chained to an act with the use of a cuff

Punishment enough used to play hearts in this game,
Draw a card, be strategic and never use real names,
A poet once said how the cruelest heart-breakers play out in the world,
The Lord punishes us in future with precious little girls.