It was dark when Tata came home.
He knocked. Mama listened.
I said “Mama, Tata is knocking.”
She opened and walked back to
Her room.

She didn’t say anything to him.
Tata came to sit next to me.
He tried to hug me. I jumped
Off the sofa and asked “What
Did you bring me, Tata?”
He looked at me and laughed.

Mama came back she said:
“Don’t tell my child any of
Your nonsense. Go sleep!”
He pulled me closer. She
Pushed him away.

She shouted: “Don’t touch this
Child with those hands! You know
Where they’ve been!” He stood up
And pushed back at her. He also
Shouted at her: “Where were these
Hands? Who did they touch?”

Mama said “Oh, you want the child
To see what kind of a dog you are?”
He pushed her again. She fell.
I cried.