(Dedicated to Mr F Matope ‘Pride’)

I guess you saw him
He came for you
After 20 something years in a foreign land
Everything has its home
As birds of the air in their nests
So, shall it not be best?
Whether he had been east or west
Here he was
Hoping to meet you
Not knowing you were gone
For sure he was shocked
For he hoped to see your real old face

Your teenage friend still remembers you
I am told you never met after secondary school
So grown up, he looks
Could you have recognized him?
For sure you could have hesitated for a moment
Like a chameleon, taking its steps
Trying to browse through your memory
Only to smile at your remembrance

As his name, Pride, so he was proud
For he had seen your little face
I showed him your teenage pictures
So delighted, he was
Upon gazing at a photo of you two
Taking coffee at a coffee table
Memories of the past sparkled in his smile
Only to haunt, at remembering your past story
He took two and gave me one
So, shall it be one?
For sure, it is