One piece stormed out when bracelets and pearls glittered, the Shiny reflection blinds the vision I had about prospering
My soul was grinded with misery
Hopefully it was for good a cause,
The heart started aching when trouble points in,
I promised myself joy as I thought I will forever make it, the Pain that returned taught me life with passion,
Even when I tried speaking the language that not even I understand,
I started applying lotion of lotion to what I never had

Sometimes I thought the grave was echoing my Name, only to find out that attitude sold me off,
I discriminated my thought from my mind, primly Because I wanted to smile again
Tireless, I walked for miles in my mind trying to retrieve my soul Limits could sustain the pace I ran with,
Couldn’t suppress the dream I have ever lived
The mission I picked sidelined the efforts I forever invested,
I initiated a trend of likes and thumbs which I only booked for my phases of life.
I laid down to allow all the altercations to flow, Flawlessly……