Many I’ve seen,
Many I’ve been through,
Many I’ve travelled to,
Many I’ve dreamed of,
But never this kind of a place

It all happened in just a blink of an eye,
Moving from one place to another,
At last, a strange one
All I’ve never expected,
All was new to my eyes,
But all was said to be old

I felt so lonely, at times empty,
Threatened I became
Strange feeling it was to me, not to belong in the place
An unusual place it was

All seemed to be strange
All seemed to be up to something
All seemed not to care
All seemed to have the same mentality
Neglected I felt

Without friends, independent I became
Without friends, only my mentality I could depend on
Without a campus, forward I kept going, hoping for better tomorrow

None has ever showed up but tomorrow,
The sun in the morning to brighten my ways
To get used to this place was my daily routine
Road work was all I could do
My days were long,
To myself, I thought my days were wasted

Being at this place was me following my curiosity,
Trying to know more,
To settle for less I was determined not to
But all was beyond my expectations, and never had known the place better,
But forward I kept on going due to my curiosity.