Not here
so it seems
just up my street
a busy Lansdowne Road

Not here
plenty unmasked
and those who are
have it on the chin
like it’s a fashion

At least we get
sanitised one and all
9 or 10 of us sardined
taxi-bound for Claremont

The journey back sees
10 or so sardined again
the driver puffs away first
sanitising absent

Crisis what crisis
don’t you worry
‘bout a thing
we know better

We know better
down here it seems
it’s those up there
who are virused

Not here
is it another country
partitioned from the rest
a law unto

Crisis what crisis

Somewhat agog am I, a sunny Saturday morning (6 May), whilst “Groote Schuur Hospital reaches crisis point as COVID-19 cases double every 5 days” (GroundUp Staff, May 22, 2020).