Crime doesn’t pay
Crime instead of building, you brake
Crime instead of rejoicing, you disgrace
Crime instead of bringing happiness, you bring sadness
Crime instead of being kind, you’re cruel
Crime instead of being a savour, you’re a destroyer
Crime you call yourself Induna
The headman who drags our youth to bad things
Crime is an enemy to innocent people
Crime is a devil to the children of God
Crime can take you from rich to poorer

Crime doesn’t pay
Crime can take you to the jail

Crime destroys people’s futures
Crime destroys people’s dreams
Crime can ruin your dignity
Crime can ruin your reputation
Your community, friends and family can hate you
Because of crime
Crime is not a solution
Solution is education
Crime is not a friend but is an enemy
Crime is an adversity to our country
Crime is always aggressive to our country

Crime doesn’t pay
Let’s all act against crime