Darkness of bizarreness has fallen,
Smile doesn’t mean you care,
Fear is knocking on us,
Our dear sisters are scared,

Women are under pressure,
Killing is now leisure,
What really happened to us?
Ain’t we humans any more?

Why do we kill our own melanin?
We ain’t no longer ecstatic,
We used to be one,
Now we don’t care,

A brother kills a brother,
A brother kills a dear sister,
What really happened to our serenity,
Happiness is no more,

Will justice ever be our love?
Where’s our sake as humans?
It seems like we have forgotten who we are,
We no longer care about one’s tear,

There’s no more peace,
Sleeping is no more,
Death comes as a thief,
The night is having much to puke,

A human is a thief of the night,
Since the pandemic started,
Some do cry,
Some are happy,

Knowing they’ll be feeding on others,
The darkest clouds have fallen on us,
Our dear sisters are raped,
They are even killed,

There’s bloodshed,
This is painful,
Who’ll recite this gender-violence?
Who’s willing to preach peace?

Someone should take a step ahead,
Let’s take a ride to end this,
Let’s hold hands as a country,
If two can shake hands,
Then few could listen.