I have eczema
It gets in the way most of the time.
The cracks, the itching, the rashes,
The drama generally.

My self-esteem is still healing
From years of bullying.
Even from my own mom.
I never believed I was pretty enough.
For the longest time.
I have dark circles around my eyes.
Multi-toned skin.
I have so many things I could list back then.
Even now.
The voice in the back of my head will scream:
You are too fat!
Lose the tumtum.
Lose the flab.

I stopped listening
I am a temple.
I am a Goddess whose bumps and folds and curves
Are a sight for sore eyes.
I am like a timeless vase,
Crafted, painted and complete
With all the chips and cracks that prove life existed here.
So whatever you have to say to me
Be it about my skin
My hair
My phatt as*.
I will not hear you.
And stay away from me.
I’m not thick enough to carry
These thighs and your negative energy.