I couldn’t have you
Nor share what I felt for you any longer
I tried, all I could
To show you how much you completed me
To show you how much I loved you
To show how much you meant to my heart
But nothing was ever good enough for you to care

What happened to the future we planned?
The life that we both thought we would have together
Where life felt like paradise
Where there is no pain and worries of losing each other
Only laughter and love
Both made promises of never letting go

But you have
You destroyed our dreams
Life we thought we would share together
I tried but you drifted by
Instead of meeting me half-way
You saw but never cared
Is it because I ain’t good enough for you?
Or didn’t I try hard enough?

It was never easy to see you drifting by
Nor easy to carry on with life without you in it
And still it’s not
I’ve always wanted to be the one who brings that handsome smile on your face
But you never gave me that chance, you pushed me away
To never share what I felt with you
Coz I ain’t good enough
It’s never easy to let you go