Hustling in a busy world was what I knew…

Falling and being able to stand up
was the motivation line I have loved the most.

Going against all odds and facing the winds
was what I was dedicated to.

But searching for success in isolation
was what nobody told me about.

Until I was forced to live in my own confinement
as mister COVID pushed me to.

Yet I felt squeezed, pressed from all sides as he (COVID)
was out there hungry for the most vulnerable to eat up.

I had to allow myself to be far from COVID,
far from my worldly hustle and my beloved kiss-partner…

But what I didn’t know
was that I was brought closer to myself once more,
closer to my inner being,
closer to my precious dreams and
closer to my strength..

It is indeed in my confined zone that
the best was taken out of me…

Same as juice was taken out of a pressed orange,
gold was shaped out of high temperature and
brighter stars came from the darkest night,
I was made a poet out of the smaller room COVID locked me in for months…