Where do you live now again?
I live in South Africa
Oh really? Cool.
Must be so cool to live there?

What do you mean?
I mean
All the animals are free
All the animals are wild
Enjoying themselves under the rainbow sun

Are you sure? I ask
That’s what I am asking you
Well… Your view is skewed.

What do you mean?

Look, our countries are similar
Just mine is worse than yours

How so?

Well! We have the highest murder
And rape rate in the world
We protest and strike over every
Little damn thing, you know
We want everything for free
And turn the whole country upside down
If they don’t do as we please

So you are saying that they loot and plunder
And kill and shudder?
Ay! I say
We shoot, we kill, we run you over, we thunder
We kill you if we have to and we’ll even enjoy it
While we rape you

This can’t be true. It can’t be true
What happened to 1994?
When the world opened its doors to you?
When Black and White became in tune

Are you a fool?
Are you blind?
Have you done your time?

What do you mean?
Well certainly you’ve been fooled
You must have lived in the zoo
But how can you say that?
Say what?
Say all of that what you just said!

Well, have you not watched the news?
Do you live in a cocoon?
Do you think this fairyland?
Where all of us down south are like Peter Pan?

Wake up foreign fool!
Your land is also a zoo
Didn’t your president also come out of a cocoon?
Isn’t he too, a fool?

Are we different or similar?

The only difference is the mother
ONLY difference is the brother

But we are a super power!

Yes and with one blast
You could have been covering
Here down under!

Didn’t your president sign with that
Foreign land?
That foreign land
That wanted to obliterate your hand?

Wait! Don’t answer because he did
It’s true
Soon, you will also become a zoo

Where do you live now again?
I live in the States
Oh yes. We share a smiling zoo!
We share a similar fool

We’ve become brothers of the same zoo
I guess we are the same
We face the same shame