Counting days
And never changing ways
Living by the rules
That no one obeys
Overcome your fears
Wipe your tears
And be no man’s fool
Don’t be afraid to be naive
Don’t be scared to fight for what you believe
Stand firm on the ground
Be strong at heart
Be yourself because not everyone will be around
Conquer every obstacle that sets you apart
Live your life
But respect a women that holds the tip of a knife
Bow down for your soldier
For he carries the world on his shoulder
Thumbs up
To a sister that sleeps on her books
And cares less about how she looks
To a brother that sees a better life beyond his education
With the hunger to chase his dreams and fulfil his ambition
A round of applause
To a father who strives to put bread on the table
And never stops in due course
Grooms his children with so much principle
Don’t be afraid to embrace your talent
The journey is yours with no opponent
Do it and let them judge
Because at the end they would still hold a grudge
Don’t be swallowed by the phrase, โ€œYou only live onceโ€.
Chances and choices comes more than twice.