imprisoned in my own mind
let my thoughts be my bars
let my imagination be my warden
and let my dreams be my cell mates.

in a world where free-thought is a crime,
the only thing fought for is a dime
where creativity is a waste of time.

so we’d rather stick to the conventional
make choices that aren’t intentional,
‘cause even those are decided for us
since birth they’ve been trying to mould us
to become slaves of society
as the rich get richer
and the poor get poorer.

my thoughts have the potential to change my society
but nobody takes note,
they are all caught up in the illusion
that has got them hustling, only to get branded
they work hard to get their necks chained
and oh my, they even change their names
life is now just a game.

society has me selling my ideas for slavery
I sold my thoughts for a diamond ring
but what’s life if all that I get is bling?

back then it used to be hard for someone to walk in my shoes,
that has no meaning now
we’re wearing the same shoes.
I remember the time when my shoes never meant Nike,
when I just did my thing and never expected anyone to like me

I have lost my free thoughts to society’s conventions,
everyone is bred to be like everybody else now
like Zebras, we’re all black with white stripes
I’m left fighting for some difference,
just realised I ain’t like the rest.
I’m white with black stripes.
cause I freed a thought today…