Can I reach out to myself?
Questions within me float through the biggest sea,
Is it possible to merge mind and heart?
‘Cause every time I plant a pea
Seems like it is not a fruitful end I harvest

In all the conspiracies in my life
My heart says you can do it
But consolidation in my mind fight the ends of my heart.

As I struggle to survive in this brutal world
If my heart cells and brain cells continue this conspiracy
Surely propaganda is what is in my life.

As I’m so vanquished in the deep ends of the world.
Pulling up with the rope that it makes my hand sore
Is this spurious life God directed to within
As hardship is so tempting to cause a consensus with my mind and heart

Was it possible to make these two differences meet greater expectations
“One says sure you are great enough but the other keeps causing conflict”
Is it that I struggle to create my own motive
While others they are beaver to their mission

I guess my vision is failure in my dreams?
So what shall I follow?
As they follow their hearts, conspiracies are in my mind

If I were to plant a significant bomb to break such boundaries
Perhaps I would’ve been battling another World War in my century
‘Cause I see a great wall diving the Jews of my life
Why is it all conspiracy to me?