Confidential matters aren’t always that
They are often disclosed in public
And we don’t realise there are people we hurt

Offences are as simple as disclosing your HIV status

Like saying, “I’m negative.”
Had you been positive, would you react in the same way?

We don’t think before doing or saying
We walk proud that we are virgins
and not HIV positive
But have we given this much thought?

That in some cases,
people are raped and stripped of their dignity
Some contracted the virus while helping another person
or in a car accident or was born with it

My emphasis is that it is never by choice
We don’t acknowledge our faults
and always want to be in the right
Let us start taking responsibility and acting mature.

Our world can be a better place
if each one of us starts acting.
Remember that it only takes a little
for confidential matters to be everyone’s business.