Fighting with you couldn’t
Get me anywhere
Crying wouldn’t get
Me somewhere
I’m hopeless, I’m breathless

After you cheated, my
Mind was twisted
Seeking for love
Seeking for soul mate to survive
So I keep on looking…

Looking for a better coal
Looking for a better soul
The heart you gave was sour
Not the one I was looking for
I’m standing on the love door
I’m knocking.

Open your heart when I’m stalking
Open your ears when I’m talking
I saw a distance
Spaces between our hearts
Darkness with no lights
Your soul meant to love me someday
But your heart is million miles away

Look at me in spirit
You will see the scars in my face
What kind of love that has no grace
Your trust is little like a cloth lace
I never bad it is
Until I confess how my heart feels