It’s not going to be the last time, my sister.
It’s not the first time with you though.
I’ve seen them spread their legs high.
Spreading them wider like I couldn’t imagine on that office table.
Their skirts and smart dress were lifted up.
Some their jeans were quickly dropped down.
Their sexy stockings were pulled down.
Some faced the office wall and let in a stranger to enter himself from the back.
Heard their little screaming that couldn’t last even five minutes.
She was told that this is the only key for her permanent job.
Unfortunately it keeps on happening to her.
Hence their agreement was that it just a once-off thing then deal done.
It keeps on happening to her over and over again.
Till it removes her inner happiness.
Till it breaks her committed relationship apart.
Just like you see when nitrogen removes oxygen on air.
It results in chaos in her life and closest ones.
It continues till never feeling it.
Till she hates sex.
After all she’s left with is a long lasting wound of dishonesty and cheating.
When she wants to stop it, she loses the job.
When she continues, she retains the job and chases her happiness.
She invited a curse to her love life by laying her body down
For a man in exchange for a job.
She compromised her life for a tangible thing.
She fell into a trap so ugly.
I call it a trap because you’ll never know when it comes and in which form.
Its real outcomes are hidden
As it is colouring badly your woman within.
It always leaves you with low self-esteem of being rolled down by other man.
Your chromosomes catch complex spirits.
Bad spirit and deeds polluted your own womb.
You have contaminated your very blessed God-given womb.
You cursed your first and last womb.
You humiliated your innocent man.

Tell Us: Question: In this poem, there is more than one victim. The main perpetrator is the employer – who demands sex for a job. How can this destroy people’s lives?