No sounds of birds chirping in the trees. Definitely no swift breeze swooshing my curtains. All I hear is taxi hoots and some guy shouting “Joziii! Jozi bhuti wam”, hahaha he’s probably late for work, on a Monday morning after a ‘long weekend’, imagine!

I have to go to the main house to wash my face quickly before heading out. I live in the backroom for now. I peek through the window to see if there’s a long queue at the shack where we buy fatcakes. The girl in school uniform buys 3 and goes. A guy wearing construction gear buys a lot, probably 30, meaning we must wait for the next batch (annoyed) but we wait.

The aroma comes out from the small window. The hot magwinya burn my fingers a little through the see-through plastic. Oh the joy I feel, magwinya, coffee and FunDza blogs for breakfast!