Is what we blame, every single time
When things literally go wrong
“Colonialism” is the rightful answer, right?

It is to blame, said from the tongue of a sadness
Who fails to build his crown
Because his mind is still enraged by the white supremacy
Filled with animosity

No wonder no succession is seen
Because the scene
At the back of his head, blocks him from seeing
The goodness of the fruits

He still feels chained even if he’s literally not
The sound of the silver chain still lingers in his ears
No wonder, all that is brought down on the face of an African is tears
Tears of lack of wealth let’s be honest

A heavy weight on him, he feels as though
He has failed, said by the tongue of the sadness
How long are you going to torture your
Mind, body and soul
Which causes irksome feelings

The dismal is reeked and felt around his presence
Even his brunette eyes turn so violently brooding
This is not the way to live, my people
Wake up!

You are free, you can flee to highest mountain
And soar and roar
Greatness, gratitude and hope
Spending each breath, blaming the deaf
Is a second wasteful
Like the rain that descends on the earth

Yet results of the seeds that you planted are not seen, are useless
Each minute spent thinking about the monsters
The colonial masters
You could’ve thought about the youngsters

Teach them not fall prey to the history
And awaken them, they should think as the fighters
To move forward and never make the mistake to look behind them
To learn from past, instead of complaining what they’ve done
Complain what you have done, because you have let yourself down.

Whatever they’ve done, they’ve done it
Very wicked I know
I don’t condone what they’ve done
Just like what Shakespeare said
“What’s done is done!”
Time to own your throne, the clock is ticking
Literally ticking
And that won’t be possible
If you let history repeatedly repeat itself
It’s up to you to be the lion of your jungle!