Silently I’m violent and cruel but I’m not a suspect
These are my confessions, listen clearly, neglect nothing

I am a liar
I have deceived many
Making false promises, that is my job
I make people my slaves without them being aware
I take your problem for a while and make you feel stronger for just a moment

When I fade away you come crawling begging
for more
Problems have grown even more
Loudly banging the door though I might open

That’s when I get a chance to be a captain in your brain
I guess I am inhumane
You can call me captain of doom
Cause the devil and I share the same room

I never entered a courtroom
But mostly have entered in my name
I camouflage I ca not be seen
Blend in with poor and rich
Good and bad
Celebration and comfort

I am the great master of manipulation
Once you have shown me your weakness I take over your life
I find joy when I destroy dreams
I will put all of them in steel cages without a notice

I go by many names
people call me white powder, some call me snow candy and others blow

My popular name is coke, short for cocaine
Maybe I’m not a suspect because I kill with no pain
As you sniff me through your veins
I run through your blood just to destroy your brain
Till nothing is left for a person to go insane
When I’m done with you all that is left will be guilt and shame