If you look deep into my eyes.
You may see a sensitive romantic guy with a lot of love to give.
So I want to discover your personality and to be part of your life.
Not just in social media world, but in reality.

I have an important message to share with you.
This man craves your kisses and dreams to be next to you.
Want me to say his name?

But firstly you should know that he might be crazy about you.
With him next to you may have endless and restless nights of pure love.
Is this what you are looking for, honey?

Desirable guy with lips sweet like honey.
Which will give you unforgettable moments and emotions.
Nothing left to do.
Except be with this man all the time and treat him precious.
So he can reciprocate the love back to you.

If you are waiting impatiently for this meeting filled with love and lust.
Then look at me, honey.
I am the man who wants to receive your cherished attention.
Sudden urge to be next to you.
Overwhelmed my all emotions of my being.
I am caught up by your affection!
Call my name, honey it’s a name of your love.