So it off in the streets,
There’s dust on ma feet,
I listen to the beat,
While I’m stuck on ma seat.

The sound of the struggle rings in ma ears,
I dive in ma thoughts to conquer ma fears.
I’m definitely hungry but I’m stuck in a loop
I fear to be damned, reality chills the back of ma spine
I’m angry but say that I’m fine.

I’m angry at what the world has become
My people have changed for better and worse,
It’s a shame you’ve forsaken the world we came from,
Our past, those days fighting for freedom.
Enticed, initially our spirit was one,
One other was important to us
Related to us, even connected to us.

But suddenly the bond we had came crushing
We all rushing, no more trusting, no fair hugging,
Nor laughing, we separated like we ain’t never been before
Never had I thought for sure,
That the world could be a bully for,
I always thought that the world was there for me.

Umuntu ngu muntu nga bantu,
The spirit of humanity is dead.
Boom! Comes reality, to share its cruelty,
And I’m thinking, so it’s true
Dark days made ma friends few,
Even you, yes I’m talking bout you too.

Saying we’re intelligent, yet we lack wisdom
All of us don’t know where we get peace from,
Yet we brag when we have it.
Neglecting our roots, taking the wrong routes.
Lured to sin, the forbidden fruits, dangling in hoops.
What a shame, who’s to blame, things are not the same

No more black and white, fire and ice,
Blood on the streets, dead bodies.
Fighting for and dying, paying the price,
Hoping that someday our people will rise.

But it’s worse, it’s black on black, spear on spear.
Who! That ain’t fair, it’s all clear, we don’t share,
But we just there to laugh and stare.
I look at the atmosphere, ma life is there,
Hanging bare it ain’t a blur.

Life has no meaning, freedom is greedy
For corruption, the quest for power
Not the shower of love but the competition.
We all wanna be better saying we clever.
But no matter the weather, the feather will further
Fall from heights, dim from lights and sink on ground. Rest.

So it’s on in the streets
There’s dust on ma feet
And I listen to the beat
Cries of young ones and mothers
Men and women, lost and found
Alive or dead from diseases, crime, drugs abuse, xenophobia.

Damn I’ve lost count
Thus I’m stuck on ma seat, cause I’m clueless
Of what my world has become.