(Inspired by my favourite weather)

As it drizzles, I watch the water
On the window look like teardrops.
I open the window to have a feel of this
Pureness of my skin and my eyes meet the sea.
It is so calm…not raging at all
And I’m dumbfounded.
I watch the ships until they disappear,
Gone to lands far away.

My mind is drawn back by cold chill,
I reach for my favourite puff jacket and put it on.
I watch at the window again.
People are leaving the sea and strangely
This whole thing/situation that’s happening
Resembles letting go,
Walking away and the tears….hushed…silent tears.
I smile briefly and turn away
To make myself a cup of milky tea
To celebrate the space I am in.
I’m happy and at peace even on this cloudy day.