The dark clouds
Wind blows in and out
The tombstone of what it was – looks like
Hope are lost

Trust is not guaranteed, but promises
Birds sings nicely they have earned the trust
Promises never broken, but kept
Trust is missing
The song of promises is heard out loud
The wind blows papers flying
The thunderstorm as heavy as ocean strike
The shark has eaten all
Shark has eaten until little is available

Clouds moves swiftly
Music in the dark
The dark never liked the light
As the mirror reflects two sides
Disco lights flash people dance
Different tune

Promises are made
Eyes and time will tell
Eyes will see all the truth unspoken
A man in the light forgets darkness
The root of all evil is eaten in billions
When evil is among us it is so noticeable
Getting away is the norm
Law not the same
In the eyes of the law we are the same

The game of promises
As the five fingers we shall be
The shark has eaten all
The shark rejoices
They live in shack
Law is on the side of the economy