Like a flower it shall blossom
To be the great it was through
All tribulations, it shall come
To conquer and rise to be on
The helm of the realm
Somewhere, though immature.

He is carrying a reckless rifle
It’s bodies of his people he piles up
Child soldier he became
Fighting a war he never know
He was given a gun
Someone whispers to his ear
“There’s an enemy”

Pointing to his family
The rest, you already know
Like seasons all will go
Like leaves trials will wither
New leaves with new souls will
Be born mother died when she was
Nine daddy’s whereabouts are
Unknown she was like a young

Zebra lost in the jungle lions
Feast undisturbed
At 12, she became a mother
With an extra mouth to feed
School became a longer route
To freedom the streets gave
Her quantity solutions

Like a fix to survive a day
The next day at Zero
So, she tagged her soul
Many wrestle to feast on her
Innocence they threw even an
Extra dime just to have her
Piece they didn’t know she was
A soldier in a war

To them, it was Mannah in the desert
Drowning in pressures of the peers
Sometimes, it would leave with tears
Wouldn’t have an ear to listen
He needed to kill the pain
He trusted only his glock

Every block on his way, he levels
Behind, leaving blood trails
To be equal, he must achive
Leaving some fatherless and
Motherless school was a waste
The bling pressure needed to be
Cured and only havoc, was the way