For when you first showed your face on this earth
I was there giving validation to your beginning
I am yours to do whatever you want with
But I can also leave as freely as I came to you.

I bring with me an array of varying emotion evoking conditions
You see me as an enemy when things aren’t going your way
As I come in abundance when it’s dark and bleak
But fly ever so swiftly when all is in glee

Like everything else under the sun
Different people see and value me differently
I heal, I deteriorate, I age, I mature
I perfect, I console and leave some, somewhat secure

The way I see it, I’m actually pretty important.
I may not always be popular, but face it
Everyone needs me, most yearn for me at the very end
I am the true measure of one’s life, successes and shortcomings
Thus making me the one that gives life meaning

You may think me arrogant for ‘spouting’ such
I don’t really care, I’m doing me
And the best part is, you can’t do anything about it!
Hear me now, and listen carefully
I am Time
Cherish Me!