Curiosity engulfs my sense
As your existence stimulates regrets
You drain all the existing tranquility
And everything works no more the same

You elude my mind dear
They are of upper class hence you are in
I’m all ears to hear
Why your presence always brings destruction

I salute you sir
I’m dumb to what you’ve done to them
Vowed and bowed to be loyal to each other
Yet you have torn them into grief

The joy has turned into sorrow
All trust and love engulfed by you
The innocent face breaks my heart into pieces
The sacred promise has once failed

Slowly my words turn into lamentations
As relationship drills us into confusion
At once my brain fades with delusion
As I wonder the point of all this

The soulmate I trusted deceives me
Changing love into sadness
Joy tuns into tears running down my cheeks
Why did you exist.