I can kiss you,
I can kiss those ashy lips of yours,
Bite-taste that bitter smoke on your lips.
I taste, turn-twist and slide;
a tongue game we play.

You look into my eyes, the windows of my soul.
My curtain falls.
Holding my chin with your index-middle fingers
lets me mind more than you see I do.
I see the true you.

We kiss so slow, your masculinity obeys my femininity,
gently our hearts melt.
Sadly, I cry happily as my tears splatters like rain.

In the oyster that’s the world of wonder
he brought tender hugs and gave much so affection.
Dwell bosoms, men seduce to introduce cloud-nine.
I’m yours you’re mine.

Like venomous Python, you slide in and out left and right.
Voluptuous your poisonous tooth sinks into me.
A foetus to live shivering-quiver so on and forth.
Whisper so sweet nothing to ear
Thereby giving me things to think about
You, you love me and hold me.

We’ll be leaving to our souls’ charm
where a land of love stays in life’s veins.
As it reigns, mine and yours gain.
We co-ride, soul mate.