The one that holds a grudge, crush you like a crunchy-
Lie, cheat, manipulate, confuse and abuse you,
Smile in front while biting from behind on your ego,
Believes your dreams, your ability and the entirety of your stability.

We cannot live to be tormented,
he digs a grave for time to sweep him off his own feet
for those he has as prey, in his claw,
his house or fire pit that burns success out of the able,
regardless of how in this he rejoices.
Like a lion in the jungle I roar as my voice echoes into the purity of nature,
I allow my instinct and senses to guide my impulse on reaction.
I say no to grudge and judge and I mean – that much.
For time is too short a risk to take,
for precious moments to go astray,
to waste a day or another day,
to look at the grey instead of the way.

When we were born into this world a lamp was lit,
A match stick struck, a gift was born,
A chance given, a dream come true,
A purpose the motive, but time the mystery.
And while this path we travel,
Characters find ways to make us blind or help us see,
Break our bones, throw us with stones
Or enter our hearts and share with us life through difficult times,
Sing songs of rhymes
Sometimes we lose our tracks along to where we really belong,
Time lives in the sky
It comes to bring and take,
It never sleeps unlike you and I,
First you see and then there is nothing to see,
Time is the creation and conclusion, it moves in mystery.

In time lives love and sorrow,
In time we make friends and enemies,
Sometimes hatred comes with no reason and just drives around with jealousy.
A dream gives up when one chases it hard
And when you have it, hold it dear with love to you
And all who stood your woe and made you laugh to make you strong.
In time we meet all things that’s due.