My daily routines change
My walls and doors seem strange
Well new expectations, new renovations, new discoveries
The place is strange
The way of living for me would have to change
From old to new
Though I feel being new in a strange world give me a clue
Jotting and uttering gives me a better view and this strange place but yet new
Would bring out a versifier which nobody knew
Being new in a strange place
I should jot about it just in case the place has a huge base with curtains of lace
I wonder if circumstances here for me would be easy to face
New people, new beings, new chances,
New stunts, actions, new dreams,
Dreams sweet to my taste just like my favourite ice-cream
This strange place previewed life as a race
With struggles and pot holes often hard to face
So as my days drive by I hope not to have chest pains
Due to wounds that never heal and grief that never ends
Because of linking this past of mine with the future
Which this strange place brings
Because out of nothing I was to make everything