You are so beautiful
Beautiful with your colour changes.
The bright, dim, shinning and green
Gives my eyes a little sparkling
So beautiful especially when you are at a distance
Your appearance gave me beauty
Since it reflected on my body
As I wished, loved to share life with you
Investing my trust, soul to soul
Suddenly you just change like that
Taken by your own mood
Turn your back on me
You chameleon people

All I wanted was soul to soul friendship
If I knew it before
That your changes depend on your mood
I thought that your colours change based on a location
If I knew I wouldn’t wish my soul to meet you
Wouldn’t allow my interest to be attracted by your outer beauty
I hate the fact that I was having expectation
Expectation of good will between us
Soul to soul cherishing
Soul to soul lifting

Wonder what made you talk to me sourly
Wish I could tell why you look at me so disgustedly
Just hate to be close to you
Chameleon people, you are shaping me so badly
All I wanted was soul to soul friendship
Not all the dirty talks
Not all the jealousy, hatred and fights
I wanted to learn to trust a soul again
Didn’t want to trust a stone again
You now made me fail the test again
Which soul will I ever trust in this world again?

Go on chameleon people
Go on… on and on
Go on my pal
Go on my dear lover
Go on my dear brother
Go on my dear sister
Go on my neighbours
Go on my lovely family
Go on my pastor
Change the way you want
Change the way it suits you
Change to your desired passion
But listen I will continue to value a soul
I will value a soul until my dying day
I will go on giving a soul my soul until amen
I will give the soul my truly heart
Regardless of your colour changes