I remember you.
I remember your name, your face.
I remember what you love and what you hate.
I remember all about you,
not because I want to
but because I care.

I stayed by your side
while you were down.
I nursed you back to health
while I limped like a dog,
once you were healed,
you forgot all about me.
You made me feel cheap,
well you’ve got to know, my care ain’t free.

I called you daily,
while you said nothing.
I spoke about you like you put stars in the sky,
but all I was to you was your nurse.
I put you on a pedestal so high,
but I was nothing but a cheap rock to you.
You were the highlight of my show,
while I was just an advert in yours.
You treated my like trash,
you’ll have to know, my care ain’t cheap.