I wanted to write you a love letter
And leave it on the table.
But it was going to sound dull.
Love has stayed on my mind.
I couldn’t believe it, girl.

I wanna thank you for the dishes
When I forget my dirty ones are still on the sink.
I wanna thank you for always agreeing
To watch my shitty reality shows.
For letting me pick the songs during the car rides
Even though we had completely different tastes.

I wanna thank you for all the hugs you have offered me
To squeeze the sadness out.
Thank you for all the pep talks you have given me
When I doubted myself.
Most of all I wanna thank you for existing.
Thank you for being my partner.
Thank you for being my best friend in the world.

I like your heart, so big and kind.
I believe that it is full of passionate love for me.
I love your soul, it is bright and noble.
Our life with you alone can only be called grace.

I will love you all my life.
I will never stop loving you.
You are my passion.
You are my miracle.
You are my support and wall.

A woman of my dreams.
My only desire.
My soul sings with you.
It’s comfortable and cosy with you.
You mean the entire world to me.
There’s no pain with you
Only joy that makes me feel good about myself.
You are my tenderness
My only weakness
I am very lucky with you